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We know how important business relationships and image of their own company because today we go to you with an offer, through which, can easily take care of positive emotions and you will be able to share them.
Bouquets and floral arrangements are a unique way to do this, so thank you for your successful transaction, cooperation, congratulate or simply while away the day your Business Partners and Customers.
We guarantee a wide range, full of professionalism and above all a personal touch, personalized offer and preferential terms. Always we issue a VAT invoice. Please note that the final valuation for your order depends on its size and the conditions of service.


The projects do not put any restrictions. We take handfuls of inspiration that gives us the surrounding reality, constantly looking for innovative solutions to effectively accomplish the project entrusted to us.

Our events and special events make that transport you into a world of dreams and unrealistic events.
We offer:

         special events, galas, anniversaries;
         events and promotions;
         outdoor events, picnics;
         integration events, incentive;
         themed events in any climate;
         Opening ceremony of objects;
         closed theater, cabaret, etc .;
         presentations of new products;
         training, conferences, congresses and trade fairs.
As a company, we provide production Eventowa both the large and intimate events, and within them:
         scenario development;
         providing interest;
         sound system;
         multimedia and set design;
         full logistics and coordination during the event itself;
We are looking for original solutions and embodied them in life. All this, to the organization of events proceeded as planned, and participants felt complete satisfaction.


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