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Privacy Policy

Mandragora puts much attention to the personal data security. The data is specially protected and secured from third party persons.

Personal data

When an order is placed the data of the sender and the recipient are required. We use sender's data to contact the client (customer service). The recipient's data are transfered only to realize make the delivery. The data is given only to the Mandragora flower-shop which takes care of the given order.

No information about the sender is given to the flowers recipient. To communicate with the recipient the sender uses the message attached to the flowers.

Mandragora Club - Registration

In the registration form you have to give your data (first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number). This data is required to subscribe to the Club. We use the data to contact the client (customer service). The data about gender, age, education are optional - they are used to adjust our offer to the personal expectations.

The access to the Mandragora Club is protected with the password. The password is coded in the database and can by read only by You. The password is required by every processes on your account, so the information is safe and private. The password has to contain from 6 to 32 characters and can be changed by user at any time. In case of forgetting the password the system will generate the substitute password, which will be sent by e-mail.


We provide newsletter service to our users announcing special promotions, changes in our services or other information we believe will be useful to our users. To receive the newsletter the user has to mark it while registrating or subscribe without the registration. If you prefer not to receive e-mail, you can E-mail Us to request removal from our list.

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